NN Card

About Us


Our Mission

Launched in 2019, NN Card was created with a belief that it’s important to show love to, and support, the incredible local businesses that help make Northamptonshire the incredible place that it is.

Through partnering with some of the best local businesses Northamptonshire has to offer, NN Card aims to inspire people to rediscover their local areas, and to support the independent businesses within them.

Ranging from pubs, restaurants and barbers, to community projects, media companies and magazines local businesses are the bread and butter of our communities. Not only do they keep us clothed, fed and happy, they also do make massive contributions to the local economy, and it’s only right that we as a community support that.

We aim to host frequent events through our platform, connecting even more people and businesses together, and creating unique experiences for Northamptonshire.

NN Card seeks to not only provide a platform for the incredible, diverse range of businesses that exist within the county, it also aims to tell the world that…